Simple Software
for Service Contractors

The Only Software Service Contractors Will Ever Need.
Simple Software for Service Companies

Best in Class Software for Service Contractors

Successful service contractors use MotionOps. The essential software every contractor needs to scale

The Only App You Need

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Everything your business needs,
in one centralized user-friendly platform. 
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Easily handle customers, proposals,
scheduling, invoicing, HR systems,
payments & more.
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Mobile first. Built to help you manage
your business on the go.
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Best in Class Software for Service Companies

Super-Charge Your Service Operations

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Real-Time Data

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Stay informed on what's actually happening on the field without going there.
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Keep a pulse on the key driving business and performance metrics. Everything is pre-set for success.
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Oversee a live feed of timesheets recorded, photos taken, materials purchased etc.
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Make faster & smarter business decisions.
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Easy To Use

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Use just one software to run your entire business.
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Simplify onboarding and training. Onboard employees in a matter of hours, or days (not weeks and months as with other solutions).
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Customize quick filters to make the actions you perform frequently one click away. Massive productivity boost!
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Easy to navigate, easy to search, easy to get the job done.
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Perform back office tasks on the go, right from your mobile devices
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Improve Sales

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Track and manage proposals with ease
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Eliminate lead and customer duplication
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Seamless paperwork integration with CRM
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Stay ahead of competitors with  advanced analytics
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360 Financial Visibility

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Materials and receipts tracking for enhanced financial control
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Automated pay structure systems for cost-effective payroll management
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Job profitability analysis
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Easy invoicing
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Billing tracking system

Powerful Features Everyone is Talking About

Successful service companies use MotionOps. The essential software every contractor needs to scale.

Easy Scheduling That Scales

Save your time and nerves, with customizable schedule views that work even for the large teams.
View the schedules of all your employees at once, or better: filter just the employees with skills and service area relevant to the job you’re scheduling for.
Simple to use and functional. Click & drag to create, drag & drop to move, easy-peasy.
Eliminate those over-bookings, double bookings, or booking on a day off. No headache, MotionOps keeps it’s taps on these.
“The scheduler is my favourite feature of MotionOps. It’s so easy to see who’s available quickly and assign jobs, which saves us hours every single day. We love how you can make draft appointments and when you’re happy with the routes, publish all those appointments and the people on the field get notified about the updates.”
Brian West, Cransten Handyman and Remodelling
Brian West
Account Manager at Cransten: Handyman and Remodeling

Fully Customizable, Time-saving Proposal Management

Proposals that are easy to build, convert great, and are not a pain in your a**.
Configurable templates & customer previews that will adapt to the way you want to present your offer. Start with the defaults to save time, and override for a specific proposal if needed.
Charge the way you want: fixed, variable, blended, on-sites, and more.
Add photos, videos or file attachments and wow your customers.
“MotionOps made a huuuge difference for us! Before, we used 5-7 different software apps to accomplish what MotionOps does. Now, we’re much more efficient. Both our back-office and the people on the field love it, which wasn’t the case before. Tasks are smoother, with good industry practices already baked into the software, that eliminate a lot of human errors, inefficiencies and mixups that we had to deal with before. It's a key factor in our success, boosting productivity, creativity, and collaboration.”
Bob Richardson
Owner, CEO at TopPainter

Core HR Management Built-in

Keep all your important Employees’ data where everything else already is.
All your employee's sensitive data in a secured place.
Streamline onboarding to maximize productivity and efficiency.
Keep track of employee’s personal details, compensations, skills and grades, days off, notes and more
All those documents you need to keep on-file like: contracts, licenses, banking details, background checks, insurance etc. are well organized, searchable and always accessible.
“I manage all our HR processes, as well as operations (scheduling, accounts, payments etc.) and having all the information in one system made my life so much easier.  We love how simple to use MotionOps is. The thing that delighted me was how helpful and available their customer support was, a true refreshment to the solutions we used before.”
A picture of Katie Covert who gave a Testimonial
Katie Covert
HR & Operations Manager at Envision Pros

Mobile First, All The Way

You don’t have to leave the filed to have the full real-time control over your service business.
No need for equipment investments. The only thing your people need is a mobile phone.
Easy-to-use interface makes even the low-tech people adapt & fall in love with MotionOps quickly.
Proven Industry best practice workflows ensure human errors are minimised, while improving productivity, transparency and customer experience.
“I spend my whole day on the go and don’t have much time, nor do I like sitting down at the computer... MotionOps has a great mobile app where you can see the schedule, build proposals, record timesheets, expenses, collect signatures, perform on-sites and more... However, what got me hooked was that the main ‘office’ app works on mobile too, so I can perform most of the admin stuff from my phone, never leaving the field.”
Juan Esposito Profile
Juan Esposito
Owner, CEO at Superior Flooring

Industries Benefiting from MotionOps

Operate Your Business with Efficiency
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🔧 Handyman
🖌️ Remodelling
📑 General Contracting
🪴 Landscaping
⚡️ Electric
🕳️ Gutters
🪟 Doors and Windows
🏊🏻 Pool Companies
💡 Smart Security
🚰 Plumbing
☀️ Solar
🚪 Garage Doors