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Successful service contractors use MotionOps.
The essential software every contractor needs to scale.

Management & Insights

Customize MotionOps to work the way YOU need it, and keep a pulse on all the key business metrics.

Workflow Customization

Configure your business work flows and setup rules under you operate.

Customize Your Workflows

Set your margin, markup, and set tags. Customize your filters, business cards, proposals, and invoices.

Service Areas

Create multiple service areas. Assign your employees to service areas based on what areas they should cover and manage schedules accordingly.

Skills & Grades

Keep track of certain skills your employees have. Create a customized grading system for them. Use it to find the perfect match employee when scheduling.

Agreement Templates

Digital paperwork in one place. Manage your service agreements, agreement versioning and choose the templates that will be used for specific work order types (fixed, hourly and on site).

Customer Engagement

Configure automatic customer notifications and reminders related to work appointments, Invoicing and job progress. Increase show rates, conversion and client satisfaction.

Custom Roles & Permissions

Create roles and permissions for different employees based on what they should and shouldn't have access to.
Coming Soon

Dashboard Analytics

Real-time business performance metrics, at a glance.

Revenue Tracking

Compare your conversion rate of booked vs collected revenue in total. Check your average job size in selected timeframe.

Invoicing Analytics

See stats of how many outstanding invoices you have. Use data to reduce your accounts receivable.

Timesheet Analytics

Stay on top of your timesheet quality assurance process. Ensure the timesheet data is valid and vatted information is passed to payroll.

Lead Source Breakdown

See analytics on different lead sources.Use this data to spend marketing dollars wisely.

Booked vs Collected Revenues

See analytics on booked vs collected revenues. See where you can increase your production efficiency.

KPIs & Reports

Investigate you business operations.


Leaderboards for Account Managers, Project Managers, and Technicians. Use leaderboards to help your people compete.

Profitability Tracking

See Job Costing reports to see how much money you make on each project.
Coming Soon

Custom Reports

Create custom reports for your company's needs.
Coming Soon

Employee Management

Core HR functionalities built-in.

Document Management

Keep track of your employees documents, IDs, background checks, certificates, licenses, working agreements and more. Well organized and easily accessible.

Days Off

Employees can request days off. Days off will be reflected on employee's schedules.

Skills & Grades

Maintain a record of individuals’ proficiency in various skills. Plan their schedules and assign jobs based on their strengths. Offer training according to their ratings.

Employee Notes

Document any irregularities and observation about your staff, make your HR job easier. Only users with the right permissions can see this.

Back Office

Everything your back-office needs for an effective and efficient operations.


Keep your leads and customers in one place. 
Easy to search and filter. No duplications.

Quick Search

Use the quick search field to find accounts instantly. Searching through the unified database of both leads and customers eliminates data entry duplication.

Account Overview

Preview your account highlights at a glance. Check customer lifetime value, active proposals and work orders, account contacts, service locations and more.

Full Work History

See the full account history of work orders, guys assigned to jobs, proposal history, and much more.


Use the tags feature to flag different account types. For example: if you have a plumbing & an electric divisions, you can assign ‘plumbing’ and ‘electric’ tags accordingly. Tags can then be used inside filters and reports to empower your custom workflows.

Account Notes

Keep a history of account notes that can be used to allow people working with a client to easily be informed of key account details.


Schedule that scales. Track all your employees schedule at once.

Scalable Scheduling

Manage the entire employees schedule from one place. Super-optimised views to help you get the full picture at a glance, enabling you to make the best scheduling decisions faster than ever before. Scalable, even for large-scale teams.

Manage Appointments

Create draft appointments, drag & drop them to different time slots or reassign them to another employee before publishing the final version.

Draft Appointments

Block off and reserve time slots for clients with a "draft" status on appointments. Once published, the appointment leaves draft status and is officially on your guys' schedule.

Appointment Instructions

Add specific appointment instructions that appear in the Mobile App and let them know the gate code, tools needed or if there’s a dog in the backyard.

Timezone Switch

If you are a company that has people in multiple timezones, our calendar can automatically adjust, making it easy for your company to operate. Never do a timezone conversion in your head ever again.

Multiple Employees on One Appointment

When creating an appointment you're able to assign multiple employees to it. 
When you move it for one of your employees, it moves for all of them.


Built for easy management and maximized conversions.

Flexible Structure

Customize your proposals the way YOU want it. For example, our clients can hide or display line item price, combine labor and materials or separate them out on pricing, and many other things!

Fully Customizable Templates

Manage how your customer sees the proposal. Customize the preview page to the smallest detail. Include a custom message, display agreement, show photos, manage line items preview, and more.

Online & In-person Approvals

Send out proposals to clients and get the project approval remotely. 
Or, take a signed in-person approval for the full compliance and legal coverage.
Proposal Photos
Upload photos to your proposals. 
Send these photos to clients as part of your proposal.


Add pdf attachments to your proposal with items like spec sheets, catalogs, promos and other items that will help convert your proposal to a sale.

Pricebook Items

Create Proposal even faster using the Items for the Pricebook. Add and manage your Items, their prices and margins in one spot and use them for building proposals in the matter of minutes.
Coming Soon

Work Orders

All your job information in plain sight.

Real-time Overview

See in real time as jobs progress. Check in to see photos, notes, signatures, timesheets etc. all in real-time.

Signed Documents

Collect signatures from the client on service agreements, change orders, invoices and get an extra proof of verification and client satisfaction.

Photos: Before, Progress and After

Tracking work progress is a must. See and manage all the photos captured from your team on the field and stay in the loop of progress and make sure everything is running smoothly without a need to go on the site.

Change Orders

Manage change orders within our work orders. This makes sure that you can collect the full cost needed for your jobs.

Proposal History

See a full history of the work order. See the whole Job track-record from the initial proposal, across all the change orders and updates made over time.

Close Work Order

Make sure to close the work order once it's really done. Ensure you’ve invoiced the full approved amount, attached all the timesheets and expenses, collect all the approvals so your books and metrics are in line.


Built for easy management, maximum compliance and smooth payment collection.

Quick Creation

Quickly create an invoice with all proposal line items and auto attached all approved timesheets and material expanses. Just enter amount how much you want to charge to your customer.

Fully Customizable Templates

Customize the look and feel of invoices to match your company look and preferences. Choose what should be visible by the client. Need to send the photos of receipts and timesheets to just that one demanding customer? No problem.

Attach Photos on Invoice

Attach before and after photos of the job well done and send them with the invoice to your customers as a showcase.

Get Paid Online

When the payout time has come, customers can pay online by entering their card or bank account details, and the funds will be on your account in the matter of minutes.

Invoice Profitability

Keep track of profits and losses on jobs. See a head to head comparison how much you collected on an invoice and how much the associated labor and materials cost you.

Field Operations

Powerful mobile app workflows that are loved and easy to follow, even by the older and less tech savvy technicians.

Appointments & Schedule

Never miss a work appointment while in the field.

Push & Email Notifications

Send and receive push and email notifications, for your stuff and clients about  important appointment or work order updates.

Scheduled Appointments

Keep track of everyone's appointments on our calendar view. Employees can see their calendar's easily in the mobile app.  No more miss-communication.

Work Details & Directions

See work description, and service location contacts and directions. Always know where you’re headed next and arrive at the job site fully briefed.

Complete Appointments

Mark the Appointment as complete, and signal the back office that you are done with that appointment and are ready to head to the next one.

Field Work Management

Bring your MotionOps with you anywhere. Fully responsive web app on your phone and dedicated iOS and Android Technicians application.

Time Tracking with Geo Location

Use the clock-in and clock-out functionality to keep track of employee time sheets.Quickly see the geolocation of the timesheet on a map view, for better QA.

Expense Tracking

No more misplaced and not-invoiced material receipts. Record and QA all purchases, returns, tools and rentals for the specific job. 
Know the exact auto-calculated profitability on each job.

Site Photos

Take before, after, and progress photos of your project. 
Upload them to work orders, or invoices to have the full proof of work with the client and the back office.

Job Notes

View all the internal notes added by team members who worked on the same job. Stay in the loop with the work progress, or any other important information.

Team Members

See who's else is working with you on the appointment for better coordination.Keep track of all team members to make sure they are showing up on time to projects. Use our software to better manage their production levels.


No more misplaced paper. Streamline your processes and increase the profitability.

On SIte Assessment

Use the MotionOps app for your on-sites to easily gather notes, photos, and details needed to put your estimates together.


Do a pre-work walkthrough with the customer and grab signatures to verify that they are ok with the service terms, job scope and pricing. Ensure you upsell them when the situation in the field is different from what you were initially told.

Mobile Proposals

Create proposals quickly while you are on the fly. Send them out for approval, or collect the signed authorization while still in the customer's house.

Change Orders

Field Technicians and Account Managers can start and manage the change order process with your clients. Ensure all your upsells are legally covered, and lower the dispute rates.

Digital Paperwork

Lower your liability and improve the customer experience.


Use digital agreements when completing work for clients. Use our templates or upload your own.

Signatures and Approvals

Collect the customer signature or upload proof of approval in form of screenshots of emails or sms messages. Stay covered.

Professional Waivers

Use a professional waiver to have a paper trail when a customer wants to you do something against your professional recommendation. Avoid the liability. 
Comes in handy as an effective upsell mechanism too.

Collect On-Field Invoice Approval

Easy collect customer signature approval for the Invoice straight from the mobile app. Eliminate any inconvenience and surprises, for you and your customers.

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